Guy friends when they get a girlfriend 

I don’t trust people easily and I only have a few close friends because of that. The people who I call my close friends, I trust them with my inner thoughts. 

I always felt closer to guys as there is a lot less drama with them. It doesn’t mean I don’t argue with them, but there is much less bullshit with them than with girls. 

Israel and I have been friends for 6 years. We have always been close. He goes to NYU, but his family lives in Texas. He immigrated from Mexico. We’ve been there for each other through a lot of things. A couple years ago, he dated this girl named Lauren and then they broke up and they recently got back together. While they were broken up, we had a drunken make out when I came to NY in October. They got back together in late feb or early march. He stopped talking to me since February so I recently asked him for an explanation. He said his girlfriend is touchy as she is aware what happened even though they were not together and it did not go far. And he said, that for the next couple months that we can’t talk, but that ofcourse we are still friends. He apologized. I told him I would never do what he is doing to me. 

I may be a girl, but I will never understand how girls try to control their boyfriend because they feel threatened by a girl. I am prettier and smarter then she is, but I am not after her man. I have my own man. I’m in a relationship, I live with my boyfriend and I am trying to get pregnant. I understand he is trying to do what is right, but it is still a shitty situation. Chris is a photographer and takes photos of naked women, and I would never tell him he couldn’t speak to a certain women. I know they have nothing on me.   If Chris asked me not to talk to a friend, I would explain that we are just friends and that if he trust me enough, he wouldn’t ask me to do something like that. I also, hate that Israel is listening to her. Our friendship should mean more then this, and should be able to have me in his life at the same time. 

I hate when guys start to be in a relationship, they can act so stupid because their girlfriends get jealous. Girls should not try to ruin friendships between a guy and girl. They should deal with their own insecurities and trust their boyfriend. 

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1 year in Haiti 

Today marks exactly a year since I moved back to Haiti. I love living in this country, but especially this town. Jacmel is where I grew up. I’ve been coming here since I was a month old. At age 5, I used to ride my bike around not telling anyone where I was going and I always felt safe, that was before there were so many motorcycles everywhere. I always felt free and I learned how to be independent in this country at a young age and I was always safe. 
Before moving to Haiti, I was on l antidepressants and the day I moved, I stopped taking them because I felt like I didn’t need them anymore. I felt more at peace with myself and my surroundings. When I was younger, every time I would come visit Jacmel, I would say one day I am going to move back and finally I did. This is my home, it is the place where I feel that I belong. This is the place that I fell in love. This is where I met Chris and got to know him and fell in love with him. Chris is the most wonderful thing that has happened to me. I found a man who is my partner, my best friend and my everything. He is my home. This is where I plan on raising my kids. 

Haiti is such a beautiful country. I always felt a little bit of a misfit everywhere else and here, I feel like I belong. It’s been a crazy amazing year! This was he best decision I ever made. Moving here was fate. 

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This is my first time having a big dog. I adore him. He makes me feel safe. He is an amazing g dog and he is growing up so fast and becoming bigger every day. 

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I know I haven’t written in a while, I will try to be better on updating about my life. 

It’s crazy how much has changed in the last 5 months and how fast those 5 months have gone by. 

5 months ago, I started seeing my boyfriend Chris and two weeks later, we moved in. That’s been an adventure of it’s own. Being with someone and living with them is different. Being in charge of the house hold and learning to do has been crazy. I feel lucky to be with him every day. He is a real man who puts me first before everything. He protects me, supports me and loves me. 

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Our dog 

Chris and I just got a German Shepherd. He is 2 months old. 

We named him Zeiss after the German camera lens. It’s what I get for being with a photographer. 

His birthday is January 11th just like me. Getting this dog seemed like it was meant to be.

He is very handsome and adorable. We love him already. 

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Goodbye 2016

A lot of people are saying how 2016 has been the worst year, but for me it has been the best year. I feel like every year for me is better then the last. I accomplished a lot of things.

In 2016:

-I worked my butt of at La Sorbonne

-I graduated from La Sorbonne 

-I decided to move back to Haiti 🇭🇹

– My beautiful God daughter Arya was born 

-I made the move to Haiti and it was the best decision I made as I found my place. 

-I started my first teaching job

-I found an amazing community of people 

-I met someone who was the biggest surprise of 2016 and who makes me so incredibly happy. ❤ We started seeing each other and 2 weeks later, we moved in together. I fell in love with him. He was the unexpected and the best part of 2016. He is so good to me and I can’t imagine not being with him. 

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Hope everyone had a good christmas

Happy Holidays. Hope everyone has a great Christmas.

Christmas was a little different this year for me. I was unable to go home to LA to be with my family. It strange being in Haiti without my family and my family felt my absence as well. My brother, Harley and I make Christmas what it is.

I loved being with my boyfriend on Christmas. It was our first Christmas together, but it was not the same. I did not feel like it was really Christmas. Next year, I will go home and try to bring my boyfriend with me. 

I missed our Christmas Eve dinner, especially the delicious ham so Chris got a pig which was killed and we will be eating a lot of pig in different ways.

Our Christmas in LA are part of tradition. Every Christmas Eve, my brother gets his gifts, wraps them on Christmas morning. Christmas morning, I wake up and try to wake up everyone else up. Tell Harley to finish wrapping. This year, they were still sleeping at 9:30, which is not normal. We open the presents, eat left overs, nap, watch movies, eat, sleep, eat and sleep and take a Christmas hike.

I missed being with my family. Presents are nice, but to me being with my family is enough. At least, I will see my family in February for a few days which I am excited for.

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