South of France

I recently spent 6 days in the South of France. When I was 12, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue my acting career and I was homeschooled. My brother found me an amazing teacher who was french and her name is Fiona. She was my friend, my teacher, nanny, mother. She was everything. She lives in Cambodia now and has a daughter but every summer she comes to France to be with her parents.

This summer, since I now live in France we made a plan for me to come down there. It was very relaxing. I love Paris but sometimes its good to get out of the busy city life. I swam every day.


Me underwater.


Mila after she swam.

Mila loves me near me no matter what.

This is Fiona and I.

This is Fiona and I.



We also, went to the lake and made an amazing friend. Her name is Clara. That night we stayed up late laughing and talking trying not to wake up the whole house. At the lake, Mila came in with me and held on to me like the little baby she is.

lake looks beautiful mila and mama she hols me

Next day, Clara and I went swimming and took so many pictures under water and in the pool. We became friends really quickly and had so much fun even though it was only for a day.

IMG_4057 IMG_4055 IMG_4045 IMG_4042 IMG_4022 IMG_4019 IMG_4015 IMG_4013 IMG_4009 IMG_4066 we are cuteIMG_4011


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  1. Mario says:

    which phone do you use to selfie?


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