I moved to Paris in January. One of the great things about living in Europe is being able to hop on a train or bus and getting away and visiting something new and exciting. I always wanted to go to Amsterdam so in March 2015, I did for three days during my spring break. It was just me and my dog.

Amsterdam is one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Europe. While it is well-known for its taboo tourist attractions, Amsterdam boasts so much more than cheap thrills.

Things to do:

One my first day, I walked around the city and went to the park Vondelpark than took a canal cruise with Mila. Late afternoon, I headed to our airbnb. I enjoy using airbnb  when traveling as it is a lot cheaper than hotels and very safe especially as young woman.

The Second day, I headed to the Anne Frank Museum which was amazing. As a jew, it was so emotional to walk through that house and see how 8 people lived there for eight years. My main reason for always wanting to go to Amsterdam was too see that museum. The line was very long so either get tickets or be prepared to wait. I waited two in a half hours. Across the street, there is a tulip museum and a cheese museum which I went to as well. I got some cheese to bring back to Paris.

We walked around a lot. I went to the Magnum Ice cream Store. Ever since I was a kid, Magnum was my favourite ice cream. We than headed to the I am Amsterdam sign where the Van Gogh Museum is located. The Van Gogh Museum had a long line so I did not go.

I really loved Amsterdam and I plan on going back again. The city is great. There is a lot of bicycles everywhere. You can rent one but be careful as it can be a little bit scary and dangerous.



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