Birthright: Israel

Almost a year ago, I went on a trip that changed mein every way. It was a free trip for young Jewish people who are the ages between 18 and 26. You are eligible. If you have any blood relative that is Jewish,  you can go. It is completely free. The flight is free, accommodation and so is food except for lunch.

The trip was amazing. It changed my view on being Jewish. I’m not a religious Jew but in a cultural way. As a kid, I lived in Israel for 11 months with my father who was a journalist. I lived there during the second Intafada. I now see myself as Jewish because of birthright.

The trip was not just Jerusalen but everywhere. We went to Tzaf, Golan Heights and so much more. We did a lot of hiking. I was exhausted. 

We headed to Jerusalem. Spent Shabbat there. It was magical and something I will always cherish with me.  It felt like home being back there.


We slept in the Negev desert in one tent. I think that was the one night I didn’t enjoy as we were all together, it smelled, bathroom was far and it was cold. We did ride a camel which was amazing.

We than went to the Dead Sea which was amazing and relaxing. I did it as a kid but I didn’t remember it very well.

The next day, we woke up at 5am and got on the bus and headed to Masada. I was exhausted but it was so beautiful and breathing taking.

I remember watching the sunrise and singing “here comes the sun”. One of the best moments of my life. ❤️


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