I went to Brussels for three days for just a fun and relaxing  few days post exams.  Here were my five top things I did.

  1. Peck 74

My first meal was at Peck 74 and had the best smoothy I have ever had. It is a small healthy restaurant. They also, had the most amazing smoothy’s. I had one with kale, coconut and vanilla.

2. Went to Moof

Moof is The Museum Of Original Figurines in Brussels. I am a huge Tintin fan and they were some awesome tintin and other comic books that I was raised on.

3. Waffles at Maison Dandoy

Belgium is pretty famous for their waffles so I went to Maison Dandoy. Best waffle I have ever had.

2016-01-15 14.03.23.jpg

4. Go to La Grande Place

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