Adopting a Haitian baby

One day, I’m going to adopt a baby from Haiti. People always tell me there are plenty of kids in the U.S. who need a good home. It is true, but I feel a true connection to Haiti and I don’t with the United States. Haiti is one of my many homes, I lived there since I was a baby, my dad owns a hotel there,  I am going to start a school there, I have people who are like family, I went to school there which is where I learned to read. Haiti especially Jacmel is a part of my heart forever.
I have a friend whose mother is my cook who was adopted by a French family friend and her whole life changed for the better because of that and I want to do that for a baby. I plan on raising my kid in Haiti.  Every time I see a black baby, my heart gushes. I want to be a mother so badly and I know I can’t right now and I don’t want to. I’m 22 and I want to get my degree’s and a good job before having a child. I will have children with or without a man. It doesn’t matter to me but I do know that I will have a family.

I hope that when I do, my father will still be around because he is the one man in my life who always is there for me no matter what shit I pull. He is an amazing man. He was a single father to me and I was not the easiest child to raise. Years before, he was a single father to my older brother as well. My brother and my father are the men who make me confident and make my sure that I believe in myself.

I will adopt a Haitian baby girl one day and I will name her Zola. Zola means earth.