Wanderlust is such a big part of who I am. I got my first passport when I was 9 days ago. By the time, I was a month old I went to Haiti where my Father owns a house, which he then turned into a hotel. Traveling has always felt so natural. I didn’t feel like I had a permanent home, the world was my home and whatever place we were at that moment, I called home. My childhood was exciting and crazy and chaotic, but confusing. I didn’t appreciate it until I was adult and now, I wouldn’t change a single thing.

My life started as an adventure. I was born in Paris at home to two American parents. My father owned a bar in New York, has a house in Haiti and in Nova Scotia. My first birthday party was at my fathers bar on the lower east side in New York. I went to school in France until I was around 4 when I moved to Panama. When my parents got separated and were dealing with custody, I moved to Haiti and then my father came to join me. After Haiti,  a few years later, we moved to Israel. I spent part time in Israel and Ukraine. I went to French school there. In Israel, I went to school with kids from different cultures and religions. It was a vey peaceful school in a country that was very violent. I don’t remember much of that time as I was only 7, but I do remember my father coming home bloody at times, but I was never scared. People would ask me why I would live in such a dangerous country? I would tell them we aren’t those kind of people who get scared. I didn’t let the violence scare me. I remember being scared once during the year I lived there and it was when the Jews were throwing rocks at a mosque. I used to go to Gaza and Hebron with my father. Gaza was dangerous so, my father would leave me at a UN hotel where I made friends with the manager who I called My Lion. I would play pool and eat ice cream until my father came back. I also, spend time at the alliance Française reading books and eating food. I made friends with one of the guys who worked there; his name was Hani. I still talk to him once in a while. I loved going there. It was a place that I looked forward to. In Ukraine, I remember it being very cold. I remember the food was delicious.

After Israel, we went back to Panama for a bit where my dad felt something wrong with him so, he went to New York which is when he was diagnosed with hepatitis C and CIDP so I joined him a few weeks later. I did not want to bother him so I didn’t tell him that I was struggling in school. We then moved to Argentina. The day before moving, I was put on tape for a movie I eventually got. When we first got to Argentina, we stayed with a friend until we rented an apartment. A few months later, we bought an apartment, but it was so far from where my school was that I lived with a French family whose children went to my school. At the end of that year, I went to LA for Christmas where I had my call back for that movie which I got. I heard I got the role when I was in Ethiopia on vacation. I missed three months of school as I was filming and my school starts in March in Argentina. Their summer vacation is in winter as when it is winter in the U.S., it’s summer in Argentina.
At 12, I moved in with my brother so I could pursue my acting career. I lived with him my entire teenage years. I spent one year in NY, going to Sarah Lawrence College. I also, travelled back to France during the summers with my brother. He thought it was important for me to go back to France in order to feel connected to where I was born. I also went back to Argentina, Haiti, and last summer I went back to Israel which was an amazing trip with people my age.
When I am traveling, I feel free. There is nothing like traveling. Around March of this year, I went to Amsterdam for a couple days with my dog. I loved exploring the city, going to museums and just exploring a new city, getting lost and just going by instinct. As a kid, I was always traveling with my father, or my brother but in 2011, my brother left after a week so I was on my own in France for two weeks and it was amazing. It was the first time that I felt like an adult.
People ask me about my tattoo that say’s wanderlust with three birds and they ask me what wanderlust means. Wanderlust is who I am. I travelled from the time I was a baby. Wherever we were was home to me. When I would get tired, I would say to my father, can we go home and by home I meant the hotel we were currently staying at. I was such an easy going kid. It didn’t matter where we were.