My brothers

I have two brothers. They are technically my half brothers, but I don’t consider them that. To me, they are just my brothers. My oldest brother is Harley and he is 15 years older than me. He is 37 now but will be 38 in March. My other brother is Eli. We have 7 years of age difference. He is now 29 and will be 30 in March. I am the baby of the family. I used to hate being the baby of the family because they were very protective of me, but now I see everything they do is because of how much they love me and only want what is best for me. I would not want to share their attention.

Harley raised me. When I was 12, I moved to Los Angeles to live with him. I moved there to pursue my acting career as it was too hard to do it from Argentina. My brother and his ex-girlfriend, Sue raised me. At the age of 14, he adopted me. My brother has always been my hero. He is also, the one person I know I can always count on and go to for anything. So many of my friends are shocked by how comfortable I am with him. I told him when I got my first period, when I had sex and, everything. Harley is the one person I look up to. Both, my parents were drug addicts and alcoholics and so is Harley’s mother . Harley has never had a sip of alcohol or done any drugs. He is very careful and I always wanted to follow him way. You do not have to drink to have fun. I never felt peer pressure to drink or do drugs, but I still had fun going to parties with friends. I do drink, but very little. I am very careful of how much I drink. I have never been drunk and I will never be. I am that way because of him. He is my role model. He was my parental and my best friend. He made sure I had structure, I went to a good school, was safe and happy. He made sure he knew where I was all the time. He was the best brother/father I could have asked for. He challenged me every day. I would not be living in Paris, going to La Sorbonne if it were not for him.

Eli is the smart one in the family. He went to Brown and graduated with his masters Cum Lauda. Now, he is in University of Berkley getting his PHD in Geography.  Eli and I, as kids were very close. I have many pictures of us in baths and him sleeping. Sadly, I did not see him much growing up. I want to try to get closer to him. I want to have a real relationship with him like I have with Harley.

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I know that both my brothers love me very much and they are always there for me. When I was born, my father made both my brothers promise to always protect me no matter what. I know that if I ever really needed them, they would do everything  and anything to help me and to protect me. I am grateful to my father for giving me two amazing brothers.