My father always makes the same mistake

Why does my father always make the same mistake? Just as parents want to protect their children, children want to protect their parents. Every time my father breaks up with a woman, he always has to get back together with them and it ways ends in a disaster. There is a reason why those relationship ended the first time. A second time around is not going to fix anything. 

I love my father. He is my world. He has given me everything. He is the only parent I have and will ever have. He is my father and mother in one parent.  He loves his children more than anything, even with everything we put him through. I am very similar to him. I got my looks from my mother but my character is more like him. I am stubborn but adventurous. I love traveling because of how he raised me with living in a new country every year. 

He somehow, always picks the woman who are completely crazy. He isn’t sane either. I wish he would make better choices in that retrospect. My mother left when I was 2 and than they got back together and than broke up. His ex girlfriend, Vivianna, they broke up and got back together and then broke up. Now, Kathryn, they broke up in February and now they are back together which will only lead to disaster. He somehow, never knows how to be there for me when a woman is around. He puts me second to them. My father has told me my whole life that woman come and go but children stay forever. I do believe him but when a woman in his life, he puts me second. I am not second. I am his child, his daughter, his only daughter. 

I love my father very much and only want to protect him from these woman. I want him to be happy and I don’t want these crazy woman to hurt him.


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