Can you tell what’s
Wrong with me?

I live an average life
I have so many things

But what’s the point in
Having all the stuff

If you don’t feel loved?
I should be grateful

But I’m sad
And lonely

I silently cry to myself
At such random times

I try to cover-up my Sadness with a fake Smile and a fake laugh

But I’ve become the true
Actress as I watch
People buy and believe

But when will someone See…
I’m not who I seem to be

I’m trapped in the eye
Of the storm and I don’t
Know how to get out

Being hit with harsh
Waves while I start
Drowning into the
Liquid death trap

I can’t wait forever to
You to say those magic
Words you once said to
Me lying

I love you

Do you?

I’ve become fake

And your at your
Highest point

But sometime you’ll fall

Maybe that’s why I lock
Myself up in my room
Because I can’t stand The real drama that Lies beyond that door

I turn my music high so
It drowns out your
Voices and drains my
Worries away

My eyes are sore
And my head burns

But my world will
Remain forever…



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