Hate and Love

Hate is the basis of what the earth is made of.
It makes the world go round.
Hate makes love and Love makes hate, without one the other can not exist.
But where does it come from?
Where does love come from?
Where does hate come from?
Where is that thin line that seperates them?
How can we kill our own kin?
Can anyone answer these questions?
We are supposed to love our brothers, our sisters, but do we even know what love means?
Do we actually? everyone says they love somebody else or that they will never love, so how do they know if they arent or are?
Hate sends you to hell
As love sends you to Heaven,
Two different thing to two different places.
It’s like yin and yang
Never ending cycle.
Love turns to hate and hate to love,
So my question is when does the cylce stop?
Will it ever stop?
No, either we love or we hate, sometimes both.
If we hate and love then where do we end up?


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