I miss you

Note: This was writing for my ex boyfriend who I am still not over. It has been almost 4 months and I am still complexly in love with him to the point where I compare everyone and do not want anyone getting close to him.

I compare you to every guy

I can’t stand having anyone getting close

I still feel like I am yours 

Getting close to someone else feels like cheating.


Some guy wanted to kiss me but didn’t as I talk about you

The thought of someone else’s lips on me disgust me

It still feels like cheating even though I’m no longer yours

You were my best friend but you replaced me.

Do you think about me like you used to?

In class?

During the day?

I’m sorry for leaving

But I didn’t want a simple life

I wanted a grand exuberant life 

Traveling around Europe with Mila is the life I always wanted.

I still dream of you.

I miss you. 

I imagine you surprising me

In Paris

Outside my apartment

You saying you made a mistake and miss me

Saying how you want to move to Paris to be with me.

I know this will never become true but I just can’t face the fact that we will never be together. 


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