Needing you

Do you lay awake thinking about me
Wanting to kiss me
Touch me
Love me
I do
I think of us smiling on the beach
In the warm LA sun
We were so happy
Did I make a mistake
Leaving you
Leaving us
We were supposed to step up the game
We were meant to be together
But now all that’s left is broken piece
I, i miss you
I’m angry you made me choose between you and my dream
I could scream but I can’t.
everything hurts
Loosing you is like knives going through every inch of my body
I keep trying to wake up from the nightmares but when I do, I remember I’m living a nightmare
Because I don’t have you anymore
We talk and it’s the same as before
We still tell each other that we love each other
Hearing your voice makes me smile like no one else
I love you
I need you
I want you
Come to me
Tell me you love me
You need me
You want me
I can’t seem to breath without you
I am suffocating
You are my source of oxygen
You know me
You love me
Why can’t we make this work?
I wanna be your girl again
Please come back to me
You know me
You love me
I need you
I want the bad times back so I can have the good times back with you
I want you to love me

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