Tear me from myself

Tear me from myself,

Ignore all my screams,

Do it for the better,

My life is more than it seems,

Tear my heart open,

Let it all pour out,

Smash it into a million pieces,

Ignore all my shouts,

Rip open my soul,

Let it go free,

Do it for yourselves,

Just ignore me,

Peer into my head,

Look at all my thoughts,

Take them and make them your own,

While mine sits there and rots,

Tear me from myself,

Even though I’m afraid,

Tell me all your lies,

Tell me who you’ve made,

Look deep in my eyes,

Tell me what you see,

Is it a scared a little girl?

Is she silently screaming like me?

Make me deaf to the world,

Leave me to think,

Give me thoughts of suicide,

Buy me a shrink,

Tell me it’s for the better,

Leave me to blame,

Make me who you want,

Take me to claim,

Tear me from the light,

Leave me in the dark,

Lock me in tight,

Leave me with your mark,

Whisper lies to my ears,

Tell my bones to ache,

Let me see things unreal,

Leave my heart to break.


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